• Платове за работно облекло

Astra Commerce is the major Bulgarian importer of standard and specialised fabrics, technical fabrics and workwear linings. The main feature of the fabrics we import is the exceptional parity between price and quality. We achieve this through a rigorous selection of our suppliers in the Far East. We only trust those who fully meet our quality requirements.


Today Astra Commerce is the largest importer and supplier of workwear fabrics in Bulgaria. Our main focus is to maintain a stock of a wide range of items, as well as fast delivery to every point in Bulgaria and neighbouring countries. In order to be fast, accurate and precise, we invest in keeping in stock all the products we offer in a wide variety of colours. Our warehouse stores over 1.5 million linear meters of high quality fabrics.

In addition, our company vehicles are always on hand to deliver the goods you have ordered as soon as possible.

Our internal processes are optimized in accordance with the international quality standard ISO 9001:2015, and our suppliers are selected based on our high quality criteria and speed of delivery.

Our business has been expanding internationally in South-eastern Europe – Romania, Serbia and Macedonia. In 2016 we founded a subsidiary in Romania – ASTRATEX WORKWEAR Srl. and today we are enjoying dynamic business growth on this market.

We have been developing production and sales of workwear and personal protective equipment on the Bulgarian market for several years.