Astra Commerce – History

Astra Commerce Ltd. is a major player in the market for fabrics and workwear and was founded back in 1989. From the very beginning, the company focus has been the fabric trade.

With the opening of the free market in Bulgaria, Astra Commerce imported its initial container of fabrics from the Far East and set off on its journey to success.

Over the years, values such as trust, transparency and commitment to clients and partners have made the company the market leader in Bulgaria and the major importer of workwear fabrics.

Today, the company is the biggest Bulgarian supplier of workwear fabrics in Bulgaria holding over 1.5 million meters of stock.

Астра Комерс, Astra Commerce

In 2013 Astra Commerce entered the Romanian market through its subsidiary ASTRATEX WORKWEAR Srl.

Astra Commerce Values

Our core values are the principal reason we have attained the leadership position. They provide the energy that maintains long-term, loyal and beneficial relationships with our customers and partners:

    • TRUST

Competitive Advantages

Over the years, we have built a model of customer and partner rapport that has become one of the most valuable features of our business and for this reason we are valued and trusted:

Personal Approach for Each Customer

All of our customers or partners have unique goals, requirements and needs. That is why we believe that the personal approach is the only way to meet the highest requirements and achieve the best results. The personal approach is a standard of work at Astra Commerce.

Holding a Wide Range of Goods in Stock

Astra Commerce holds an extremely wide range of items in stock from its main business lines – fabrics for workwear, workwear and personal protective equipment (PPE).

ISO 9001 Always High Quality

Астра Комерс - ИСО сертификат

We maintain the highest standards. That is why we always retain an up-to-date quality certificate according to ISO 9001:2015.

We select our suppliers according the requirements of the ISO standard to ensure that the products we offer will meet the highest quality requirements.

Flexibility and Fast Service

Our team of specialists, sales and technology experts provides a prompt, professional and high quality execution of any given order.



Christo Pavlov

Christo is the founder of Astra Commerce. He is responsible for the strategic and technological development, material base and marketing of the company. He vigorously supports the business development on the local market, as well as the growth of sales of workwear and personal protective equipment.

Цвети - Астра Комерс

Tsveti Zdravkova

Office Manager
Tsvety is a long-time employee of the company and with her extensive experience in customer service and supply organization, she is the ideal partner for ensuring fast, quality and accurate order fulfilment.

Our Customers in the Fabric Business